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Donut Cushion
Product Code: L182007
RRP £24.95

Unlike ordinary seat cushion, this ergonomically designed oval cushion is designed for far greater comfort. Giving stability, this chair seat distributes your weight evenly across the hips and back for a truly comfortable experience. If you have any lower pack or spinal discomfort this pillow is essential, as well as for those suffering with piles. The pillows cut out sections relieves pressure on your pelvis, coccyx, bottom and thighs with the sculpted back and front. The high density memory foam constantly adjusted to you for a great fit every time you use it. -soft grey velour cotton cover (removable for the washing machine) -Anti-slip base -sculpted memory foam inner cushion -23/4" X 173/4" X 153/4" (7 X 45 X 40cm) Price: £24.95