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Cera-Titanware™ Electric Copper Pan
Product Code: A192139
RRP £54.95

Enjoy easy counter top cooking with this brilliantly designed all in one copper pan - sure to become your most used kitchen appliance! The Cera Titanware Electric Copper Infused Pan is perfect for cooking everything from casseroles, to a full English Breakfast, omelettes, gratin, stir fry, soups and bakes plus much more. The strong handles are designed to stay cool and allow the copper pan to be highly portable and makes it a great way to keep food warm. The deep sided cooking pan (30cm x 30cm) holds 3.5 litres. Easily adjustable from 100-240 degree Celsius with temperature control and non-stick coated inside, so food slides off, no sticking. It makes cooking healthy easier as very little or no oil is needed. 1500W 18 x 41 x 31 cm. Wipe clean only.